Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a mobile billboard?

Mobile billboards are trucks that have been converted to display large-format out-of-home advertising. Mobile billboards are a cost-effective medium that work well on their own, and they are highly effective as part of a layered out-of-home advertising strategy. InMotion Advertising mobile billboards feature solid-steel box construction.

How much does a mobile billboard campaign cost?

Rates vary depending on the days of the week, and the number of days and hours of your campaign. The CPM on mobile billboard campaigns is highly cost-effective and efficient.Because every campaign is different, we work closely with each client to develop custom schedules and routes that achieve advertising goals, while working within budget guidelines.

What routes do you offer for mobile billboard advertising?

Advertising is our only business and our mobile billboard routes are customized to target your audience.  Routes targeting convention or event audiences are customized to include the convention or event venues, as well as the  pedestrian routes used for walking to and from the venues.  Routes are customized to target high-traffic streets around retail and target locations, and can include parts of the city where other forms of out-of-home advertising are scarce or non-existent.

Is there a minimum time campaign length?

Our minimum campaign length is one week.   Our team works with you to determine your advertising objectives to help you develop campaigns to achieve your goals.  Short-term campaigns work best when multiple mobile billboards are used to ensure that enough reach and frequency are delivered  To accommodate our clients,  InMotion Advertising operates 24/7 every day of the year, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Are mobile billboards really effective?

The short answer is yes. Research shows that mobile billboard advertising recall is significantly higher than other forms of out-of-home advertising in Nebraska. 

What are the advantages of Mobile Billboards vs Traditional Billboards, Newspapers, TV or Radio?

Mobile Billboards vs. Traditional Billboards

When they are new, billboards do an effective job of creating awareness, Being in a great location can help as well. However, most billboards are not in a great locations, thereby limiting the effectiveness of your message. Other problems include:

  • Cost - For the price of one billboard advertising month, We can use Mobile Billboards to deliver your message for as much as 6 months.

  • Blocked visibility - Either by other billboards or large trucks, etc.

  • Traffic-heavy traveled routes mean that the driver concentrates on the road, thus not seeing the message.

  • Multiple billboards / Heavy Competition - Boards that compete for positioning in the over-saturated market and are lost in the jumble of other boards

  • Damaged Boards - Repairs may not take place for some time and the message is lost in this time.

  • A typical billboard is located at least 1,000 feet away from the motorist and appears to be 4 inches high from the driver. Literally seconds later, the driver speeds past the message and the driver's attention is focused elsewhere. Our Mobile Billboards message visibly dominates the driver's field of view, often for miles.

  • Research shows that mobile advertising is over twice as effective as stationary outdoor advertising. It usually requires several roadside billboard placements placed at strategic locations around town to equal the effect of one InMotion Advertising Billboard.


Mobile Billboards vs News Papers

Newspapers do provide a way to deliver a lot of detailed information about a service or product. However, there are many downsides to buying advertising space in a newspaper:

  • Cost - For the price of a single quarter page ad that appears for a few seconds, and more often then not will be overlooked. Our Mobile Billboards can deliver your message for a full month.

  • Frequency - Newspaper ads in most cases only appear once. InMotion Advertising can deliver your message all day, all week or all month long.

  • Readership - Many people do not subscribe to a newspaper, and many do not read from cover to cover or just skip the ads.

  • Ad Design - Many newspaper ads are badly designed, giving the reader no compelling reason to stop and read them.

  • Many other things can happen to an expensive newspaper ad, including ending up at the bottom of a birdcage, used to wrap fish and chips, and most commonly ending up in a trash can.

  • Mobile Billboards travels repeatedly the same route from early rush hour all day, all week long. This means your message is delivered many times each day to tourists and local viewers who live work and play in that area. This also means your ad is seen over and over again, unlike newspaper ads which will probably be seen by the same person only once.


Mobile Billboards vs Radio

In a given area where your ad is going to be heard it may fail for numerous reasons including:

  • Cost - For the price of a 30 second ad spot, Mobile Billboards can deliver your message for a whole 4 months.

  • Pedestrians on the street in the area do not hear your advertising because they are not listening to the radio.

  • Office workers may not be listening to the station you have paid for advertising on.

  • Motorist changes stations frequently or are listening to a CD or satellite radio and will miss the allotted slots for your advertisement.

  • In the given area, all areas are covered with InMotion Advertising. The pedestrians see your ad as it passes, office workers see the ad from their windows as it passes them by multiple times a day, motorists see the ad as it passes near them. The coverage from Our Mobile Billboards is more, by far,than a radio advertisement can cover in a given area.


Mobile Billboards vs TV

Television advertising has captivated viewers for years especially during the prime time hours. However there is more to it that meets the eye.

  • The cost of a 30 second commercial which may or may not be seen costs the same as an entire 2 years of Our Mobile Billboards advertising. Your ad with Our Mobile Billboards is displayed 288,000 times MORE! over a 2 year time frame compared to 30 seconds of TV advertising.

  • Not much people watch regular TV anymore, we all know this, people now mostly stream or watch satellite / cable TV, also, in numerous instances, TV advertisements can be missed as the viewer simply isn't watching, and there is no guarantee that the viewer is tuned into the desired channel to see your advertisement. Lets not forget now you can skip commercials all together, This alone can cause dramatic effects on your advertising.

  • The people have the power to see your advertisement, and can simply mute the audio message, skip through it, or simply switch channels or turn off altogether and your message is then lost. High-Impact Mobile Billboard Advertising Each side of the Mobile Billboards trucks are a 10'x20' billboards that Reach out and grab the consumers attention. Our advertising is eye-catching from its initial impression and keeps your eyes captive. The billboards are illuminated, making them highly effective for night time advertising and highly visible from considerable distances. Our mobile billboard trucks travel on predetermined high traffic, high visibility routes throughout the area to promote maximum brand awareness. 

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